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Renew Early and Save

If you renew your .NU domain early, you will be charged our discounted renewal price of €13,98 per year. Waiting until the final few days before expiry means that you will be charged the full, non-discounted renewal price of €18,98.

To renew your domain name or other service, please log in to your customer area and then click on the renewals tab.  Note that once a domain has expired, it will no longer show under your renewals tab; but must instead be manually restored and you will be charged full price.  Your domain name should then begin working again within 3 hours after it has been restored.  Restoring an expired domain name will incur an additional fee, so please renew your domain before its expiration date!

NOTE THAT YOU MUST RENEW YOUR .NU DOMAIN NAME AT LEAST 24 HOURS PRIOR TO EXPIRATION. DOMAIN NAMES MAY NOT BE RENEWED ON THEIR LAST DAY.  Currently, .NU domains must be renewed prior to their last 24 hours, or you must wait until the domain expires and then restore it.  Please renew early to avoid paying the full restore fee.

Our customer interface only permits one year renewals. If you would like to renew one or more domain names for a different amount of time, please contact us. We will invoice you for a multiyear renewal at our discounted renewal prices then renew the domain names for you once payment has been received.

.nu domain discounted renewal prices

Renewal period

You pay


 1 year    € 13,98customer area
 2 years € 27,96 upon request
 3 years € 41,94 upon request
 4 years € 55,92 upon request
 5 years € 69,90 upon request
10 years € 139,80upon request

Prices shown are for .nu domain names only. Other prices apply for other top level domains.

For help, please contact the support desk.

Answers to many other common questions are answered in our FAQ.