Domain Name Deregistration

    Upon request we will deregister, or cancel, your domain name.

    Regardless of any registration period that was remaining on your domain name, the expiration date will be ignored and your domain will immediately be taken offline and the deletion process started. The domain will enter a 60 day grace period, during which time you can still recover your domain.

    You will not receive a refund for any time that was left on your domain name prior to your deregistration request.

    You can still renew the domain name during the 60 day deactivation period; this will cancel the deregistration and renew your domain; and you can also recall the request for the deregistration, meaning the domain is reactivated and the deregistration canceled.

    After the 60 day deactivation period, the domain name is then put in quarantine for another 7 days during which time the deregistration cannot be recalled.

    At this point, if you wish the recover the domain, you must order a new registration. This cannot be done until after conclusion of the seven day quarantine period.

    To request deregistration of your domain, log in to your client area and then open a support ticket.