Renew Early for Peace of Mind

To renew your domain name or other service, please log in to your client area and then choose the renew domains option. 

If you need help accessing your client area, please contact the support desk or email us at

Do not delay in renewing your domain name — .NU and .SE domain names are automatically taken offline and their name servers deactivated on the day of expiration and any website or email services you have will go down. If you wait until after expiration to renew your domain, there will be a delay until it comes back online and services are restored.

You may renew your .NU or .SE domain for any annual period from 1 to 9 years, but no more than 10 years out from the day of expiration. In other words, you may not renew your domain name to a time more than 10 years from the current date.

We also offer discounted renewal prices for multi-year renewals. The more years you renew at one time, the less you pay per year.