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Who we are


nunames® is operated by NuNames LTD, a division of .NU Domain® Ltd/WorldNames, Inc., the original registry and registrar of the .NU top level domain. The company started in 1997 and we were the first registry to offer additional services such as domain name parking, InstantWeb®, blogga®, DNS, and email. In 2000, under the guidance of internet pioneer Dr. Paul Mockapetris, we became the first registry to offer Internationalized Domain Names, which would work transparently in any web browser.

Green Energy

Our servers are located in state-of-the-art data centers in the Netherlands on the Amsterdam Internet Exchange. As part of our Solar Energy Initiative, we use only green energy and attach the highest importance to continuity and efficient use of our resources in addition to connectivity, uptime and security. Your data is kept safe, secure, and private.


As the first .NU registrar on the internet, nunames has offered stability and dependability for .NU customers for 20 years. We have an established history in the domain name business and leading the way in cutting edge innovations and establishing standards. We assure our customers that with us as their registrar they will never be behind on the functionality offered.