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Privacy policy

NuNames Privacy Policy

As far as possible, nunames ensures that the information we provide is accurate, relevant and current.

When a Domain Name Holder provides the information requested in connection with an application to register a .nu domain name, the Holder who is a physical person or a business operating as a sole trader/proprietorship consents to processing of the Holder’s personal data, including his or her national registration number, if such is requested at the time of registration, by NuNames or any other entity contracted by NuNames, as specified below.

  • Verification of personal data provided by the Holder.
  • Processing of the Holder’s personal data through publication, if required by the Registry operator, via the
 WHOIS search function, which is publicly accessible via the Internet from the IIS website at http:/iis.se/
  • Processing of the Holder’s personal data in the Registry operator's customer databases that the Registry operator has created in order to maintain and operate the domain name registry under the .nu top level domain.
  • Processing of the Holder’s personal data for internal use and
 administrative management.

The purpose of processing the Holder’s personal data is to make it possible for NuNames to provide domain name registration services, modification services, and data entry services for Registrant into the Registry operator's database and registry for domain names under the .nu top level domain, in accordance with IIS’s general terms and conditions, subject to relevant national and international privacy laws.

NuNames attempts to balance the above stated purposes against individual needs for personal privacy.

NuNames takes both organizational and technical measures to prevent spreading your personal information to persons or organizations who intend to make improper use of the information.

NuNames does not permit short-term commercial interests to overshadow our respect for individual privacy. .NU does not release personal data for which the Holder has specifically requested protection.

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