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Policies and pricing


The registration fee for a standard .NU DOMAIN name is € 19.98 per year, for up to a ten year registration period. This annual per-year rate is discounted if you select a multi-year registration or renewal period.

All prices and fees are subject to change without notice.

Payment is due at the time of registration; names will be activated within 48 hours of registration, but usually sooner. Registration renewal fees are due 30 days before the end of the registration period.

Payment methods:

We accept payment by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover credit cards via online processing through Authorize.net. We also accept online payments directly through PayPal, our preferred payment method. When using PayPal, you may pay using your PayPal account, but a PayPal account is not required. You may also enter credit card data at PayPal without having a PayPal account.

Orders paid through PayPal are processed at the time of payment; When paying via Authorize.net, there may be a delay in processing your transaction.

Payment may be converted to U. S. Dollars at the time of processing, depending on the payment method used.

You may choose your payment method at the time of making your payment.

If you have Automatic Renewal selected for your domain name:

  • If you pay via the PayPal (recurring) method, you will be creating a subscription in your PayPal account.
  • If you pay via Credit Card, your annual renewal will be automatically paid each year at the time of renewal.

If you do not wish to have your domain name renew, make sure that automatic renewal is disabled in your domain management area and any PayPal subscription canceled from within your PayPal account.

Registration fees are not refundable, and all registrations of .NU and .SE domain names are final. Cancelation policies for other Top Level Domains vary depending on the Top Level Domain.

All payments must be able to clear your credit card account and successfully be deposited into our merchant bank account. Any chargebacks or other bank processing fees generated by actions of a domain name registrant must be paid by the registrant or your registration will be treated as having failed and your registration will be cancelled. Registrants not current in any payments to .NU Domain Ltd for these or any other reasons will be denied registration rights until such balances are cleared.

Renewal notifications:

We will send out renewal notifications and bills via E-mail 30-60 days prior to your annual date. It is important that your billing E-mail address data in our registration database be kept current for this reason. If it is not current, you will not receive your email reminders and your domain may expire.

We also ask that your email address on record be an email address at a domain other than one which is hosted in your account. This will ensure that if your domain expires, you will still be able to receive system emails and verifications.

Renewal fees must be paid prior to the anniversary date. Names that are not renewed will be removed from the registration database and the DNS server records, and will become available for others to register. Note that there is a quarantine period prior to domain release.

You may also contact us at payments@nunames.nu for further information.