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Policies and pricing


Payment is due at the time of registration; names will be activated within 48 hours of registration. Registration renewal fees are due 30 days before the end of the registration period.

Payment methods:

We only accept on-line credit card payments. Registration fees are not refundable, and all registrations are final. Any chargebacks or other bank processing fees generated by actions of a domain name registrant must be paid by the registrant. Registrants not current in any payments to NuNames LTD/WorldNames, Inc. for these or any other reasons will be denied registration rights until such balances are cleared, and risk having their domain names deleted.

Renewal notifications:

We will send out renewal notifications and bills via E-mail 30-60 days prior to your annual date. It is important that your billing E-mail address data in our registration database be kept current for this reason. Renewal fees must be paid prior to the anniversary date. Names that are not renewed will be removed from the registration database and the DNS server records.

For more information please consult our Terms & conditions. You may also contact our support desk for further information.