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What about other
Top Level Domains?

NuNames has offered registration of IDN domain names under the .NU Top Level Domain since 2000 and we now offer IDN registrations in most other TLDs, but not all.

Specifically, due to technical restrictions, Verisign TLDs (.com, .net, and .org) are not currently available in IDN/multilingual form; but we plan to be able to offer these soon.

.NU Domain
 Multi-Lingual Web Addresses

.NU Domain was the first registry to provide registration and full functionality of multi-lingual domain names (IDN), beginning in 2000 with NuNames' proprietary "nubind" technology.

Historically, the traditional domain name character set consisted of the letters a-z, the numbers 0-9, and the hyphen (-).

A .NU Domain Multi-Lingual Web Address™ permits the usage of the following additional Western European characters:

ß á à â å ä æ ç ð é è ê ë í ì î ï ñ ŋ ó ò ô õ ö ø ú ù û ü ý þ ÿ

No additional characters other than those listed above are permitted in a .NU Multi-Lingual Web Address™ (IDN).

Other Top Level Domains now available at NuNames may permit a different Multi-Lingual character set.

How can you do it?

1. Register your Multi-Lingual Web Address™ using the search box above.

2. For purposes of DNS resolution, your Multi-Lingual Web Address™ will also be represented by a unique ASCII encoding. This ASCII encoding will begin with the four characters xn--. Although your browser will display the multi-lingual form of your domain name, the ASCII xn-- encoded version will always be associated with it. This is the current IDNA standard and all multi-lingual domain names, regardless of TLD, registrar, or registry function in this manner.

3. The associated ASCII domain will be hosted by NuNames or your ISP. Your Multi-Lingual Web Address™ will function throughout the Internet by being automatically mapped to this ASCII domain.

This registration secures and reserves your Multi-Lingual Web Address™ for the duration of the associated ASCII domain name. Please see our terms and conditions for complete details.