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Hosting discontinued

Effective May 1, 2020 NuNames.NU has discontinued our Hosting-, Email- and OpenXChange plans. On that date, the hosting platform we had been using to provide some of the solutions and plans that our customers were using became End Of Support. We no longer guarantee the continuity or security of the platform or the plans that were running on it.

Because of the small number of customers that were using our Hosting-, Email-, and OpenXchange-plans, we were forced to discontinue these services at NuNames.NU effective May 1, 2020.

Email discontinued

If you have any email users configured as part of your email plan, hosting plan, or InstantWeb plan, you may still be able to manually retrieve your existing email if you wish to keep it. All email users and all email content will be deleted on May 10 and you will no longer have access to your email or email services. Please follow our instructions for archiving your email.

This does not apply to any email at mail.nu; it is only any email services registered here at NuNames.NU that were discontinued.


If were are using one of the following services from us

then we will need to migrate your services from NuNames.NU to NuNames.SE.  URL forwarding and Email forwarding will no longer be free but are available at NuNames.SE for a minimal annual fee of 50 SEK ($5.00) (ref. Alt 3 migration option).  Other hosting options are also available, check NuNames.SE for details.

If your webhotel, email, or web services are hosted elsewhere, then this change will not effect you and your services will continue to function uninterrupted.

NuNames.SE is a predominantly Swedish language site, although customer support is available in both English and Swedish.  Your customer area control panel is available in English, Swedish, and all other national languages.  If you are not comfortable with this language situation, then we suggest that you keep your .NU domain name registered here at NuNames.NU but migrate your web site, email service, or web forwarding service to another provider such as: wix (websites and email), fastmail (for email, email fowarding, web/URL forwarding, and simple web sites), wordpress (websites), squarespace, etc. 

If you ignore this notice and do nothing, we will attempt to automatically migrate your current webhosting, URL/email forwarding, and/or email service to NuNames.SE for you; and everything should continue to work transparently and smoothly.  However, we cannot guarantee that the migration will be successful.  There is an extremely small chance that we could lose your data.  You are encouraged to back it up if you have not already done so; or to manually migrate your site content.

Please contact us in your support area or via email to support@nunames.nu for assistance with migrating your domain name and its associated services.

Not affected:

If you have already purchased or renewed Hosting-, Email-, and/or OpenXchange-plans at NuNames.NU for a period with a date ending after May 1st, 2020, you can request a full credit for the period after May 1st.  We do ask you to manually ask for a refund via a ticket in your customer area or by contacting us at support@nunames.nu - or we can use the amount paid as a pro-rated credit towards your NuNames.SE hosting service.

Instructions for archiving your email

We will soon have a more detailed and complete set of migration instructions available on this page.