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Please try our new customer area, now open. my account (new area)

Multi-year renewals (renewal for more than one year), automatic renewal subscription (automatic renewal with payment method on file), free email forwarding and free URL forwarding for all .NU Domain names are among the included new features. DNS Management, Email services, and hosting will also soon be available.

The interface is available in Swedish, English, Danish, Dutch, Norwegian, German, Italian, and many other languages.

To access your new area, you will have to create a new password reset at the new area using the "Forgot password" button. Please contact us if you have any difficulty accessing your new area.

Assigning a new password for your new customer area will not effect your login credentials for your legacy customer area, which has its own, separate password system.

If needed, you may still access your legacy customer area here with reduced functionality. my account (legacy area)

InstantWeb users can continue to edit and publish their InstantWeb site from their legacy customer area; but all domain name transactions (register, renew, modify) need to be done from the new customer area.